Our Mission

ShoreTech Engineering Services, LLC offers our clients safe, practical and economical forming and shoring solutions of the highest quality and with the utmost attention to detail, delivered on time, and with superior customer service. At ShoreTech Engineering Services, LLC, we understand that time is money and meeting the schedule is everything in the construction industry. That's why our commitment is to meet your deadline everytime.

Matt Eldridge, PE

Matt is a licensed professional engineer with over 15 years in the concrete construction industry specializing in design of concrete forming and shoring.  He graduated from The Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree in December of 2000.  Upon graduation, Matt went to work for a Concrete Frame sub-contractor in Atlanta, GA where for the next six years he gained extensive field experience and learned the value of quality, on-time submittals, both of which he continues to rely on daily. 

In 2006, Matt moved on to pursue his Engineering interests.  Since that time, he has held the position of Engineering Manager for a formwork sub-contractor where was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Engineering Department, including the design of the shoring and reshoring systems for all projects, and tasked with the development and training of the drafting team to ensure uniform submittals.  He then had the opportunity to work for a global formwork supplier.  As the Engineering Group Leader, he was responsible for the review and PE sealing of all drawings and calculations for the Southeast region while providing engineering support for other regions across the United States and Canada. 

Matt was responsible for training and developing a team of professional technicians by working hands on with each one to enhance their engineering knowledge and ability to meet the needs and challenges of the Southeast region.

Engineering Licenses

North Carolina
South Carolina